Advantages of Private Aircraft Charter Over Main Stream Air Travel

Main stream air travel is just not what it used to be. At one time, there were no baggage fees, full meals and hearty snacks were served on board and long flights even had a movie to watch or music listen to. But now the seats are more cramped, it is harder to move around the aircraft and working on the plane is more difficult. And then there are the long lines at the airport, the delayed flights and the extensive security checks. However, the good news is that all of these issues and concerns can be whisked away by considering the chartering of private aircraft.

The use of private jets was once considered only for those who were rich and famous and required privacy while traveling from one destination to another. These celebrities and personalities also were accustomed to creature comforts on a daily basis and sought to have them continued while in flight as well. But these days, the chartering of private aircraft has entered the realm of executives and the business class as well as those seeking to travel for leisure purposes. The expense will still be more than that of main street air travel, but if one is taking a long flight for business or pleasure, one should be able to reap the rewards of working hard or of a well-deserved vacation by traveling in style.

The benefits of chartering private aircraft are many. Private aircraft charters usually have much more legroom than main stream aircraft and often have spaces that look very much like one’s living room at home. In addition, one can choose from many types and number of services. There are televisions, computers, bars and dining services and often one can pre-order one’s favorites meals, snacks and drinks so everything is readily available. Travel can be more relaxed and worry-free.

In addition, the crew on a private aircraft charter is completely dedicated to one’s party and is available for service around the clock. Departure can be arranged for one’s needs and preferences so one does not have to plan one’s schedule around that of the regular airline. Private aircraft charters are also very punctual so there need be no concerns about delays that can disrupt one’s travel plans. There is the utmost safety and security as the passengers in a private aircraft charter are of one’s choosing so everyone is familiar and no rogue passengers can get on board. One is free from long lines at security checks and having to take off one’s shoes or empty pockets.

Another advantage of a private aircraft charter is that one does not have to use the large and commercial airports as with main stream air travel. One can select the smaller local airports that may be closer to one’s departure and arrival points which affords additional conveniences

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